Vintage Garhering sale this weekend! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Olive Kat -the store! Our new adventure..

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a small shop in Vancouver next month. We had so much fun during the "Vintage Gathering" event sales last year , we had been pondering making ourselves a permanent home somewhere , but were not sure of which direction we wanted to go.
A longtime friend told us he was looking to find someone to open up a store in a house on the property of their nursery business, and after we went to look at it,we fell in love and decided to go for it!
In addition to the vintage treasures and kitchenware we have offered in the past , we will have more home decor and furniture, as well as new gifts and "garden inspired" items including gift baskets and more!
It is nestled right in the middle of the Northwest Nursery Outlet, at 12503 ne 72nd ave . Vancouver WA 98686. We are surrounded by beautiful plants and trees and it is a very relaxing environment. We hope to gain inspiration from all of the colors as we watch the seasons change.
We will be making an announcement soon as to when we will be officially open for business and extending invitations to everyone to come join us at our grand opening.
a sincere thank you to all who have encouraged us along the way, and we hope you will come and visit us and share in our new adventure.....thanks and see you soon..Matt and Veronica
P. S. Check out all of the great things Northwest Nursery Outlet has to offer. They are very helpful, they have a great selection ,and their prices are fantastic! (Link to them at bottom of our blog)