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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our " Kat-iversary" a time to be thankful

Hello again,
It has been too long since our last post and As I walked past this sign in our kitchen ( right above the one that says " we buy junk and sell antiques" hee hee) i decided that it was time that I took time to be thankful . the last couple of months have been a time of reflection for us with the anniversary of the store and us both turning 40 last month ( shhhhhhhh.. Don't tell anyone) and we truly feel blessed.
The decision to open the store came pretty quickly for two people who don't like to take a lot of risks, but Mike Reitenour and Patty Chapman at the nursery are long time friends ands it just felt like the right opportunity at the right time. We are so grateful to them for being beyond accommodating , and putting up with our messes and crazy ideas, and opening up their nursery space for us whenever we have needed it. We enjoy their company and highly recommend them for anyone who has the want or need for beautiful plants and trees.
Next on the list is our huge, crazy, awesome, extended family who show up to all of our sales and events and offer us help and donations of fun items for the store. Where would we be without them? I don't know where , but it would be a pretty boring place.
We must must must thank all of our friends at uncovered ruby , and a vintage gathering, who have encouraged and supported us all year long. Thank you so much!
The store would be pretty quiet without customers, and we have met so many wonderful people, who have adopted us and become our "regulars" I don't know if they know how excited we get when we see familiar faces coming back again and again. It makes the difficult days much easier to take

Kat-iversary continued

The blog form cut me off and I wasn't done yet!
Our mothers have been pivotal in our successes this year, and we can't thank them enough. opal renner has been one of our best customers all year and has been there to support us in so many ways, and derrith scarbrough has Been a jack of all trades ( or would that be jaqueline?) she has painted signs, made and handed out flyers, helped to fill our store with beautiful things, and worked for free anytime we needed time away. They are our biggest fans and our best cheerleaders and we are lucky to have them.
Last but not least is our greatest gift, our daughters, Katherine and Olivia. Besides being the namesake of our store they bring joy to our lives and they are tirelessly patient with all of the hours spent at the shop. They inspire us and make us want to create something special.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention our " secret Santa" who took a huge weight off our shoulders and helped us through a tough winter. It means a lot that you believe in us. You know who you are.
We are looking forward to year two and hope to see you all in the near future, thanks, Matt, Veronica, Katherine, and Olivia.
P.s. Since it rained on our parade last weekend we are extending our anniversary sale prices through the end of next weekend hope you can make it!